A few shots from our safari to the Maasai Mara. January 2004

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The Maasai Mara adjoins the Serengeti in Tanzania and is the site of the massive wildebeest migration in November each year. The Mara has perhaps the widest selection of animals of all Kenyan Game Parks

Lake Baringo

November 2004

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Lake Baringo is a bird watchers' paradise. Despite the clouds over the hills and the rain falling elsewhere, it has not rained in Baringo for over a year. The washed-out road is example of the last rains which caused floods. The hippos come up from the lake at night and are extremely aggressive and dangerous. hence the warning sign


Marich Pass


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Marich Pass is in a semi-arid area just where the trucks stop to form a convoy before proceeding through dangerous terrain toward the refugee camps near the border with Somalia. It is a starkly beautiful area, definitely not frequented by tourists. we stay in thatched huts near the river and enjoy the teeming life in the nursery school, on the beach and in the market