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23 October -- Church

We've been for the last two Sundays to Christ Church in Kakamega which must be the sort of equivalent of the Cathedral church of the diocese(Anglican/Episcopalian). It's about the size of a school gym (but not so high)
& has a service in Kiswahili & one in English. Whitewashed walls, open windows, a corrugated metal ceiling & standing room only for communion.
We've really enjoyed the services. No organ but lovely harmonies from the congregation. Lots of Alleluias & praise the Lord. Pretty well everyone who speaks about anything (the notices are all read out, no paper for duplicating) begins by saying "Jesus is my personal Saviour" They use Golden Bells as a hymn book & little booklets for communion (last week) and matins (this week) It resembles our modern services but the minister sort of throws in a hymn or a spontaneous prayer when he feels like it.

What I specifically wanted to mention was the end of the communion service. I found it very moving, especially given the situation of so many here:

Quote: The people accompany the first three responses with a sweep of the arm towards the cross behind the Holy Table, and their final response with a sweep towards heaven:

Min: All our problems
people: We send to the cross of Christ                 
Min: All our difficulties
People: We send to the cross of Christ
Min: All the devil's works
People: We send to the cross of Christ
Min: All our hopes
People: We set on the risen Christ

Then there is the blessing.

We have no TV here & very poor radio reception but we do get a daily paper which has a wide variety of opinion. I've been reading all your posts & thinking of you all with your various needs, hopes, fears & joys. God bless.

29 October