I love writing stories with a twist. With a strong romance, my books have elements of mystery, time travel and the paranormal. 

A SUITABLE FATHER has been called a tale of betrayal, deceit and the triumph of love.

JOURNEY'S END whisks the reader from the present, to the past, to the future as a doctor from modern England finds love and happiness with a maverick time traveler. This story  received four stars from Romantic Times. 

In BELOVED STRANGER, ghostly voices from the past help a modern hero and heroine solve an ancient murder and heal their own wounds. 

For a chilling ride from Africa to the west coast of Canada, try DANCING WITH THE DEVIL... an EPPIE 2003 finalist, a nominee for A Bloody Dagger Award, second in the Lories best of romantic suspense. 

                        Patricia Crossley. Nothing may be copied from these pages without the permission of the author

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JOURNEYS END-time travel romance  Release date September 9 2005 by Cerridwen Press       ISBN  1-4199-0322-5.                   

 Imagine this...You're minding your own business, walking the dog when you bump into Mr. Tall, Dark and Mysterious. The next thing you know, you open your eyes and you and your dog are 400 years in the past...'



DANCING WITH THE DEVIL - romantic suspense

'Dancing With the Devil word-weaves suspense and romance into an intricate tapestry of terror and desire.'

EPPIE 2003 finalist, Bloody Dagger Award nominee, second place in the Lories 'best of romantic suspense

Cover art by Ariana Overton

"Dancing with the Devil" is ranked second in sales at Fiction Wise for all books from Atlantic Bridge 


BELOVED STRANGER- paranormal romance

NEW prolog. Who or what was the Sentinel?

'BELOVED STRANGER was truly an emotional roller coaster: it was sad, uplifting, eerie, threaded throughout with romance and finished off with a happy ending.'

Cover art by Syneca

Coming soon from Cerridwen Press


1261.jpg (21268 bytes)A SUITABLE FATHER - contemporary romance

'A tantalizing weave of love, adventure, and deception marks the pages of A Suitable Father,'

To be rereleased in March 2004 by Zumaya Books

Also available in hard cover and large print edition from Ulverscroft: www.ulverscroft.com


SATURDAY NIGHT - short story 'the lighthearted tale of two people who are right for each other despite the wrong assumptions they make on first appearances.'


THE FIREWORKS DISPLAY - a prize winning short story

Fireworks don't only happen on Canada Day ,


A collection of inspirational articles from women who juggle life and writing. I have two articles in this anthology. Click on the cover to find out more.
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