a prize winning short story



Fireworks don't only happen on Canada Day!

Janet Lewis believes in vivid, real life experiences for her fourth grade and herself. That's why she dumped her boring fiancé and moved from Toronto to Victoria. When little Karl causes a problem in her classroom, Janet has to meet his father. . . and is plunged into an experience that will change her life more than she ever expected.

This story was a prize winner in Storyteller Magazine's Canada Day contest.



Janet turned into a dirt driveway that led to a mobile home parked up on concrete blocks. A ramshackle lean-to closed off one end of the entrance way. "Oh dear," she thought.

As she pulled to a stop, the door to the lean-to opened. A tall man wearing large protective goggles appeared. She got out of the car and put out her hand.

"I'm Janet Lewis," she said. "Karl's teacher. I'm very pleased to meet you."

He pushed the glasses on top of his head as he stepped forward. He was a larger version of Karl, with the same ash blond hair and blue eyes. The stained and baggy mechanic's overalls he wore covered him from head to toe, so she had no clue as to his build, except that his shoulders were broad. Close to, she saw that his eyes were not as blue as Karl's, but more of a smoky gray. He smiled at her, and her heart did a funny little flip.

When he took her hand, his fingers were warm and hard. She could feel the calluses on his palms; the roughness was vaguely erotic against her skin. She was suddenly acutely conscious of the neckline of her blouse. No way she could fasten that button again with his eyes on her.

"Pleased to meet you," he said in a heavy accent. "Jakob Skarovic." He pronounced the name with a soft 'c'. "Why bring Karl home?"

She saw the sawdust scattered in his hair and caught the heady scent of fresh wood...

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