Cricket Batting Tips

Simple Cricket Batting Tips For Beginners

Battling is one of the central skills in an excellent cricket game. While the battling power may look simple to many people, the truth is that becoming an incredible batsman requires a lot of dedication and hard work. So if you are trying to take your cricket game to the next level, you need to spare some quality time to sharpen your battling skills. Making use of the internet to accumulate relevant knowledge before putting it into practice can make an immense difference.

As a beginner, the whole process to bat can be a formidable experience, especially if you feel you do not have what it takes to take on the opposing bowlers. Questions like ‘how do I perfect my batting skills’ keep ringing in your mind always. Moreover, reliably putting the ball away to the limit may involve heaps of training. However, the experts at Cric Bets have provided tips herein that can benefit more than all the net sessions and practices you have done in your back garden!

Choosing the Correct Bat

There is a wide range of cricket bats available in the market today. The selection of bat is critical since, as a beginner, you may not be able to handle the weighty bats properly. Hence, having the right size will help increase the speed and power of playing a shot. For instance, you will not be able to use a heavy cricket bat while a fast bowler is bowling. Additionally, even when facing a spinner, you need to quickly manoeuvre the bat to attain the correct shots. This further underscores the importance of choosing the right size of cricket bats.

Find a Technique that Works for you.

Although you can take inspiration from your favorite players, the truth is no two players’ skills can be the same. The essential thing is to focus on the basics, like having a solid stance and grip to build your game. Ideally, minor technical issues can be ironed out through constant practice as you continue to gain experience. Less emphasis should be put on advanced functional traits such as trigger movement, since such technical details may cause you to over-complicate the game. Nevertheless, your primary focus should be on creating and getting the bat on the ball.

Grip the Bat Correctly

As minor as it may sound, but the way you hold the bat can impact the sort of batsman you are. In cricket, there are comments like ‘having a dominant bottom hand,’ which refers to how to grip the bat. As such, the best way to start your career will be by a neutral grip known as V-grip. The hold will easily allow you to play shots on all sides of the wicket. Although it is not the only way to perfect your batting skills since everyone is different, it is recommended due to the flexibility attained.

Watch the Experts

If you want to master the game, you may need to be on the current matters in the cricket world. Identifying one of your best players as your role model can make a huge difference in your effort to come the best in the field. By watching the veterans do their thing, you will get the opportunity to get some unique skills that will help you advance your game. Besides, no man is an island, and this is why you should undermine this point.


There are several more tips you can benefit from, which include adopting a comfortable stance, learning to play the ball straight, and getting the cricket bat over the line. Moreover, focusing on fitness and the concept of ‘taking guard’ could improve your skills remarkably. Also, put much effort into your practice to make it perfect.