Kids Hairdresser

Kids Hairdresser

Childrens Haircuts in Sunshine Coast

Mobile Salon Service

This is great for parents with very limited time, pregnant woman with little ones, families with many children and children with special needs. Also available for playdates, after school get togethers, group bookings and the latest trend “haircut parties”.

This service consists of:

– Wonderful Haircut (Stylist impersonated a Princess, Superhero or Fairy upon demand).
– Face Painting OR Coloured Hair Spray OR Kid’s Superhero/Princess Cape (please define your preference).
– Sticker Book.
– Picture Chance.

* Siblings/friends at the home might opt to have face/ arm paint, coloured hair spray, kids nail painting, princess jewels/gems, a cape or a sticker label book.

Other personal home services readily available consist of pre-event/party styling, festival hair, bejewelling, curling iron straightening, GHD curls and up designs etc.